Jamie Nicholls: The Mountain is Overrated

Jamie Nicholls loves snowboarding so much, he doesn’t care how he get’s to do it. He’d sooner scrape the arse off his board on an inch of gravel laden thawing slush, than go a day without a shred. Perhaps that’s why he’s as comfortable dropping in from his shed roof and pulling backies on a shonky quarter pipe as he is stomping triple corks on colossal kickers.

And this week, we were lucky enough to have him drop in on our log cabin podcast studio for a natter. We chat Nutella, mental health and Metallica and Jamie just proves what we already knew, he’s not just a great snowboarder, he’s a lovely chap too.

In the news this week, Tim brings us the incredible Freeride World Tour winning run of Cody Bramwell. Andorra offered less than favourable conditions but Cody still managed to deliver a stunning run which clinched him the win.

In other news, Chloe Kim has returned from 2 years studying to annihilate the competition. Tim was sympathetic to the rest of the competitors who must have been wondering what all their effort over the last two years was for. Still, can she hold up in the winter games next year? Only time will tell.

Also in this episode, Jamie spoke candidly about his mental health in the run up and during the winter games ‘that’s the beauty of social media’ he said, ‘you don’t see all the stuff behind closed doors’. The financial pressures as well as the demands on them as athletes to deliver to the adorning crowds, clearly took it’s toll. Still, Jamie said he’s in a great place now and after our recording reiterated how important it is for us to talk about mental health.

Here’s a great resource to get advice on your mental health

Jamie up to his usual tricks

Oh, and we also chat an awful lot about Nutella. If you’re wondering where we got all our facts from, you can find them HERE. You’ll be the envy of none of your mates.

In this weeks Making Tracks, Jamie delivered tunes from both ends of the spectrum; colossal brilliance in Metallica, Enter Sandman and this bundle of balls. His tracks are the last three on our ever growing playlist.

If you have a story from the mountains you’d like to share with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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