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  • Katie Ormerod: Popping to pop

    Katie Ormerod has the dedication and mindset to rival any athlete in any sport. Blighted by injuries, her dogged determination is what allowed her to become the first woman to […]

  • Jamie up to his usual tricks

    Jamie Nicholls: The Mountain is Overrated

    Jamie Nicholls loves snowboarding so much, he doesn’t care how he get’s to do it. He’d sooner scrape the arse off his board on an inch of gravel laden thawing […]

  • Jamie Nicholls: Coming Soon

    Yes! It’s true. Launching Friday 26th Feb is our episode with Jamie Nicholls. Make sure you get yourself subscribed to the podcast to make sure you are the first to […]

  • 1: Ed Leigh : Satan Whoppercock

    Ed Leigh is perhaps the most recognisable face in U.K snowboarding. Don’t believe us? Look at his face. We bet you recognise him. From our log cabin podcast studio we […]